Focus on origin

Natural Source Biotech Co., Ltd (NSBio) mainly focus on choosing the best farm and source control, our farm keeps good records of cultivation and has geographic advantages including latitudes, sunshine and plant varieties, which are guarantee to meet the Europe export standards.

Choose the best

NSBio strives for continual improvement to enhance our productivity. Our commitment to perfection can be seen in every step of our manufacturing processes. We test the organoleptic qualities (touch, outward appearance, odor and taste) to ensure accurate species identification and measure overall potency of each lot. Raw materials that do not meet our strict quality standards are rejected.

Be strict on testing

NSBio team ensures quality checks at every stage of production by carrying out microbiology, pesticides residue, heavy metals tests. These tests are carried out in our laboratory and also periodically in government approved external laboratories.

Guarantee certificate

Our team possesses such credible knowledge & experience as to ensure all our products are produced in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).